Candy Kisses- Polka Dot-NEON- Glitter Nail Polish - POLISH ME SILLY

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Candy Kisses is the perfect polish for kids and teenagers and moms who just want a smaller neon bright glitter combination !!!!!!! This polish is perfect for birthday gifts, makes great party favors, or just because! This polish is in a CLEAR BASE with a variety of 3 bright neon colors scattered throughout it! This polish looks gorgeous over many colors!  Just remember to shake your bottle upside down in-between every few nails and these glitters will disperse throughout the bottle and attach to our fantastic flat brush. After you put a base coat color on, you should apply 1 to 2 coats of this neon topper on top of your base color choice.

This polish and ALL of our NEON polishes Glow under UV get ready to stand out if you are at a bowling alley or a rave! lol (THEY DO NOT GLOW IN THE DARK!) 

 FULL SIZE (0.5 oz. / 15ml) bottle