• L.O.L. Surprise! Tentpole Glitter Tots


    L.O.L. Surprise!

    LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance dolls are ready to perform and show off their moves at the ultimate LOL Surprise dance-off!

    Each comes with 8 surprises, including a black light and their own dance card, which features holographic art that shows you how to do a unique dance move. Plus, you can connect each of the dance floors in the Dance Dance Dance series together and spin them all at once.

    • Unbox 8 Surprises with LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance dolls, including a black light to reveal additional glowing surprises!
    • Each doll comes with their own Dance Card.
    • Show your doll’s moves off on the dance floor that you can really spin!
    • Collect all 12 LOL Surprise Dance Dance Dance dolls! Create and remix your own fierce choreographed dances as you unbox each doll’s special dance move!
    • Will you unbox a character whose style is Old School or New School? Or, find an M.C. to lead the B.B.s in a dance off.

    This is a surprise toy : several different models, unwrap to see which one you get. Each sold separately. Picture for illustrative purposes only.

    3+ years

    Package dimensions:

    Long: 13 cm
    Width: 12 cm
    Height:13 cm