• 24” Multi-Purpose Magic Braiding Hair - Magic Manes

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    Add some color to your braided styles!  Our 24” braiding hair comes in a large enough weft to split into two. Use elastic bands to secure the hair to your ponytails and then braid it in. Or, try separating into smaller wefts and create French feeder braids. 

    Perfect for creating fun space bun styles by wrapping the braided hair around your own bun. 

    Hair is ombré dyed.

    WATCH VIDEO Click this link to see how to wear your Magic Mane!

    VIDEO 2 Click here

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    Please note: Unlike our other styles, braiding hair once unbundled and fed into your hairstyle is meant for single-use. If you intend to wear this hair more than once, we recommend keeping the hair in a tight braid and use the included rubber-band to tie the braid to a bun.  Cover the bun with a bow.